Finance and Capital Markets

Our team of lawyers specialising in finance law have strong experience in advising in lending and credit operations for both the financial entities as well as for creditors, assisting in drafting finance contracts (simple and unionised) and also in the design and preparation of the structure and legal documentation of their corresponding guarantees.

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Business owners require finance to be able to carry out their projects and they further need to find the best balance between their own resources and sources of external finance. The investor searches for the right teaming of security and profitability.

We are involved in all phases of the process; preparation and review of bids, orders, negotiation and drafting of the final contracts. In addition to corporate financing and financing related to business acquisition, our Office has wide experience in advising in relation to Project Finance, especially in the sectors of infrastructure, real estate and energy.

Additionally, we also advise in private lending operations, where we work for both the funds as well as for companies in the phases from identifying opportunities, analyses and negotiation up until the signing of loan contracts.


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