Inheritance and Family Law

ONTIER, from the department of Inheritance Law, advises clients in drafting wills or family agreements/protocols related to the execution of, or compliance with acts of final wishes, as well as in the resolution of conflicts between the beneficiaries of an inheritance.

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ONTIER also provides technical assistance to those who have to carry out the functions derived from the position they were assigned to through the will, such as executors, auditors who partition the estate, guardians or administrators.

Working out what the ultimate aim of a will is, with respect to the destination of the estate according to the testator or the originating party, and resolving this in a manner that is least removed from their last wishes as stipulated in the last will and testament, as well as being as beneficial as posible for all of the named parties who are to inherit, are the principles that inspire our work in this área of law.

At the same time, we advise in special cases of matrimonial problems, in the negotiation and subscription of separation and divorce agreements as well as in legal proceedings where friendly agreement is not possible.


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