Regulatory, Public Law, Urban Planning and Competition

Annulment and tripling of the just compensation dictated by the expropiation board


An expropriation panel set the just compensation for certain land at three times less than the sum asked on the owner’s appraisal, because the panel limited the construction costs and city planning uses that were claimed as part of the land’s value by the owner.


For the defence of the case, legal action was taken under administrative law against the expropriation board’s decision, requesting annulment and declaration of the just compensation asked for by the owner. This led to the successful judgment bearing Aranzadi reference JUR 2006/258642.

In the judgment, the court declared the annulment of the expropriation board’s resolution as per the plaintiff’s request and tripled the sum of the just compensation for expropriation to accommodate the construction costs and urban planning uses indicated by the plaintiff.


Our client won a just compensation that was three times the sum dictated by the expropriation board.