Inheritance and Family Law

Divorce by Mutual Consent and Marital Property Regime Settlement


The client engaged our services to provide advice in order to obtain the dissolution of their marriage by divorce, as well as the settlement of the significant business and property estate that she shared with her spouse.
The case posed difficulties involving commercial and tax matters, in addition to the inherent difficulties that take place during a matrimonial crisis.


A tough process of negotiation was initiated that had as a fundamental objective to achieve protection of the businesses' management and property in favour of our client and the search for tax-efficient formulas that would permit the distribution of the property of part of the estate to the children and the right of its use in favour of our client's spouse.


An order was made in favour of our client to protect the businesses' management and property, and a legal formula was structured that permitted the use of the determined goods by the spouse, while remaining the property of the children of the marriage.