Real Estate
Real Estate

Advice in the possible purchase transaction of one hundred and twenty-five establishments or shops belonging to a fashion chain, 116 being located in Spain, 9 in Portugal and, further, in the framework of the transaction, also included is the possible acquisition of 3 industrial units destined for a logistical centre, also located in Spain.


The Client requested our Office's legal advice to analyse the legal situation of each establishment and of the possible contingency issues that may arise in labour matters, in relation to licences and lease contracts and, therefore, that might affect the takeover bid of the establishments referred to that were presented by the Client in the framework of insolvency proceedings.


Using a multidisciplinary team, the Office produced a complete report that was the result of analysis and legal review (due diligence) of all the shops and that went on to serve the basis for preparing a takeover bid.


The Office coordinated a temporary negotiation with the owners of all the properties in which the included shops were in the perimeter of the transaction, with the purpose of being able to obtain a novation agreement of all the lease contracts that existed in relation to said properties, all in furtherance of being able to set the exact details of the cost of income and assimilated costs of the establishments and, consequently, to allow with certain solvency and security in setting a possible purchase bid for said shops.