Real Estate
Real Estate

Due diligence of various lease contracts in relation to properties intended to become hotels for one of the most important hotel chains in the country.


A family holding company, as the owner of various properties in the city of Madrid, which were intended for hotel activity with one of the most important hotel chains, decided to review the legal situation of the different lease contracts that were linked to said hotel chain, as a consequence of it being in a process of debt restructuring with different financial entities.


A process was set up for the legal and urban planning review of the leased properties with the goal of determining possible eventualities that might affect the Client in its negotiations with the aforementioned hotel chain.


The legal review (property and urban planning) of the lease contracts of the different properties allowed the client to understand first-hand the eventualities that could affect a future negotiation for renewing the leases, as well as finding alternatives or solutions that might allow for mitigating or eliminating such eventualities.


Presently the Client is engaging regular legal advice services for its companies in order to review all of the property transactions that are able to be undertaken, whether they are for the renewal of contracts currently in force, or for the preparation and formalisation of new transactions.