Litigation and Arbitration

Agents and Distributors´ Claims



A high-profile multinational company with a wide commercial network in Spain hired our services for advising and acting for them in regards with the claims filed by their agents and distributors after the termination of their contracts, in which they allegedly requested owed commissions and client related compensations.




As part of providing multidisciplinary advice, our acting in this matter required the creation of an ad hoc team working in a coordinated manner on several disputes taking place simultaneously. Our acting in this matter combined dealing with legal matters involving expert examinations that led to determine the inadmissibility of commissions’ accruals, the breach of agents' obligations, as well as the lack of agreement on the client related compensation amount.




The success rate of the cases (success meaning the cases in which the claims of the claimants were refused) is more than 90%, taking into account that we’re currently providing advice in more than 30 disputes.