Litigation and Arbitration

Claims Derived from Hired Banking Products



An important international company hired our services to provide advice and to act for them in the complaints that they received from their clients in relation to several financial products.




As part of providing global advice, our acting in this matter demanded the creation of an ad hoc, multidisciplinary team that worked in a coordinated manner in the different disputes that took place within the same time frame. Our strategy combined providing procedural arguments, addressing questions of substantial legal nature, as well as performing expert consultations that were required to determine the nature and legal conformity of the financial products in dispute.




The management of this project proved to be an enormous challenge, both from the human resources (considering that they were responsible for the coordination of a team of more than 40 lawyers), and the logistical perspective (it was essential to manage the thousands of files involved), in addition to the procedural strategy, given that our acting in this matter involved thousands of legal processes.