Corporate and M&A

Acquisition of 99.96% of a distribution firm


The client, a company placed in the Canary Islands, is interested in the acquisition of 99.96% of share capital of a leading company in the sector of distribution/food in the Canary Islands archipelago.

Due to the extreme debt of the object company to be acquired, the operation required a complex finance structure involving the prior cancellation of a significant part of the debt, with the corresponding process of negotiations together with a pool of banking entities and investment funds.


ONTIER advised this client in the negotiations of the purchasing contracts and in the financing of the operation. ONTIER needed to coordinate the Corporate M&A and Financial teams at both national and international level.


The transaction was successfully completed in 2012 for an amount of 49,000,000 Euros. The client acquired a leading company in the distribution/food sector under highly advantageous conditions, which has  led to a considerable increase in the company billing.

The transaction had very important repercussions in the media, since this company has a strong presence in the Canary Islands and is one of the main employment generators in the zone.