Litigation and Arbitration

International Arbitration for an Energy Project



A Spanish entity within the energy sector hired our multidisciplinary services for the development of an important wind energy project in South America. After the first phase focused on obtaining all of the required licences until the project was ready for construction, the company became a partner at a large international energy company in order to accumulate the large investment amount that the project required. After severe disagreements in the management of the project, our client claimed the partner for a compensation for the damages and losses derived from the unsuccessful outcome of the project. The claim, which amounted to over €90,000,000, was negotiated through an arbitration proceeding managed by the CCI.




A multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional work team was created to handle the complex circumstances of the case, since it comprised different areas of Law, it involved different jurisdictions (the project was located in South America), and because local regulatory matters also played a key role in the case’s performance.




The decision partially fulfilled the claims of our client.