JUL 2017

ONTIER, Co-Author to “The Retail Industry”

On Thursday, July 6th, the Secretary of State for Economy, Irene Garrido, and the President of ASEDAS, José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, will officially present “The Retail Industry”, edited by prestigious publishing house Thomson Reuters. The event is taking place in the Pérez-Llorca auditorium (Paseo de la Castellana, 50, Madrid, Spain).
With over 1,800 pages, it has been drafted by over 250 first level authors, including representatives coming from the main retail companies in the country (DIA, CARREFOUR, EUROMADI, IFA, SUPERSOL, COVIRAN, IKEA, FNAC), large law firms, associations and prestigious consultancy firms.
Joaquín Muñoz and Pablo Uslé, IT&IP Lawyers at ONTIER Spain, also took part in the writing process, as well as María Enciso, Academic Consultant at ONTIER. Joaquín wrote about social media, going over the SONY case; Pablo Uslé focused on e-commerce, writing about tudespensa.com, an online grocery shopping service in Spain. María Enciso wrote a chapter on takeover procedures and retailers, and she also was one of the coordinators of the book.