OCT 2016
Should Robots Pay Royalties?
Joaquín Muñoz, ONTIER lawyer.

Should Robots Pay Royalties?

Joaquín Muñoz, Manager of the New Technologies and Copyright Department at ONTIER, speaks about how to manage royalties from music created by artificial intelligence.

Since Sony announced they will publish a song created by robots in 2017, a debate has been opened regarding whether such work will generate royalties or not. This means a new technological breakthrough in music and it is making a lot of noise in the legal field. Joaquín explains it all in this article by Expansión. He indicates, 'Where music recordings created by AI use pieces of existing songs, there is no doubt the royalties will be being exploited and the owner will need to authorise its use and will be entitled to demand remuneration'. You can read the whole news in the link.