MAY 2018
Should Fake News Get Regulated?
Via Pixabay.

Should Fake News Get Regulated?


A global battle against fake news has started: the European Commission asked a group of experts to draft potential regulations. In the end, the committee suggested to avoid drafting them as it could make things worse. Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP at ONTIER, has talked to mynews.es noting that he believes that it was the right choice. 

The committee of experts appointed by the European Commission explains in the report that the fight against fake news would be more effective using other mechanisms, such as self-regulating digital media or boosting press incentives. According to Joaquin Muñoz, 'the EU made the right decision because of two reasons: because there are legal resources available to fight fake news and because such regulations would be hard to implement, as it would be truly complex for the legislator to determine what is true or what isn’t, as well as to establish efficient control mechanisms.'

According to Joaquín Muñoz, sticking with accuracy is the media’s responsibility. That way people will know which platforms they can trust.

It seems that the regulation of fake news involves the self-regulation of the media and the technological education of citizens.

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