JUNE 2018
Peru: Opportunities in Digital Business
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Peru: Opportunities in Digital Business


Digital transformation still has a long way to go in Peru: 51.7 percent of the country uses the Internet and 76 percent of companies use it, which is way less than in European countries, for example. This translates into great business opportunities for Spanish companies in the technology sector, and that was precisely the main topic of the latest Ibero-America in Business Forum.

Held a few days ago with the organisation of the newspaper Expansión and the sponsorship of ONTIER, Kreab and Excelia, in cooperation with the Peruvian Embassy, this edition was called 'Peru: challenges and opportunities in digital transformation.' Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP, attended the session as ONTIER representative. He talked about the opportunities that Peru offers for digital businesses within the smartphones industry, such as mobile app development companies.

Bernardo Muñoz, Economic Advisor of the Peruvian Embassy in Spain, also participated in the session and noted that 'there's still so much to do' in the digitisation of Peru, which translates into a wide range of opportunities.

Edgar Ramírez, Director and Partner of Excelia, and Teodoro Jiménez, Head of Excelia Peru, also joined the event. If you want to know more about the forum, you can read this article (SP only).