JUNE 2018
Seville Loves “Fashion Law”: Everything about this Session Organised by ONTIER

Seville Loves “Fashion Law”: Everything about this Session Organised by ONTIER


Last Thursday ONTIER organised the session 'Fashion Law' taking place in Fundación Cajasol Seville and attended by more than 300 people. In the event ONTIER introduced its Fashion Law department and talked about the book 'Fashion Law', edited by Thomson Reuzers Aranzadi, headed by Enrique Ortega Burgos and co-authored by several ONTIER lawyers, coordinated by ONTIER Partner Pablo Enrile and consultant María Enciso. 

Luis Miguel Martín Rubio, Partner at ONTIER, opened the session with a talk about the legal sphere around the fashion industry. He talked about branding, intellectual property, design, piracy, labour relations, online sales, advertisement, sales, schedules and internationalisation, among others.

Then María Jesús Dehesa, Head of Fashion Law at ONTIER Spain, talked about the links between fashion and law, providing real cases and situations that a fashion business owner can perfectly experience. Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP, talked about the impact of e-commerce and online sales in the sector, and about the new legal challenges this implies.

Pablo Enrile, Partner at ONTIER and coordinator of Fashion Law in the firm, also took part in the event as speaker. Silvia de Carrión, Lawyer and Fashion Blogger, and Entrepreneur Raquel Revuelta also taught a conference sharing their insights on some problems and particularities of the sector.

The event was featured on platforms such as Diario de Sevilla, Irispress Magazine, Law & Trends and Lawyerpress.