MAY 2019
"Conflicts in the family business", the new chapter of María Jesús Dehesa

"Conflicts in the family business", the new chapter of María Jesús Dehesa


María Jesús has collaborated in the writing of the 'Tratado de Conflictos Societarios', published by Tirant lo Blanch and coordinated by Manuel García Villarubia, Javier García Marrero and María Enciso.

The prestigious legal editorial Tirant lo Blanch has published a new 'Tratado de Conflictos Societario', in which María Jesús Dehesa, partner of ONTIER, has participated as an author. In her chapter, entitled 'Conflicts in the family business', María Jesús points out the importance of reflecting on the most common conflicts in this type of business, since their importance in the economy makes it necessary to persevere and favour their existence.

'In the family business, any conflict, even when it ends in a solution, has a non-economic cost in the minds of the partners who motivated them to create a joint venture; in the family business, it usually entails, in addition, an injury, if not rupture, of the ties that unite the family. The analysis of the conflicts of the family business involves knowing the essence and nature of this type of business and its singularities' María Jesús points out in the introduction to her chapter, in which she deals with the concept and regulation of the family business, the conflicts and the family protocol, as well as aspects such as mediation and the external advisor.