APR 2021
Berta Aguinaga interviewed by Capital magazine

Berta Aguinaga interviewed by Capital magazine


Compliance policies in the spotlight during the interview.

Berta Aguinaga, Partner of the White-Collar Crime Law Department, has been interviewed by Capital magazine as one of the most recognised experts in compliance and corporate criminal liability.

The magazine was interested in Berta Aguinaga's opinion on the role and situation of compliance departments in companies, on the need to establish compliance policies in SMEs, on current legislation and regulatory activity, infringements in relation to Corporate Income Tax, data protection and the digitisation of companies, possible penalties for non-compliance with ESG obligations and ONTIER's strategy and positioning in the field of compliance.

Berta Aguinaga is constantly active as a speaker at forums and seminars addressing the criminal liability of legal persons, in addition to lecturing on compliance at IE Law School.

Capital, the economic magazine of the G+J Group, was founded in September 2000. Also present in France since 1991 and Germany since 1962, the magazine's monthly issues have already reached more than 80,000 copies, making it one of the most widely read economic publications in Spain.