Mónica Álvarez Fernández
Regulatory, Public Law, Urban Planning and CompetitionEnergy

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Mónica Álvarez Fernández

Of Counsel | ONTIER SPAIN · Oviedo

Mónica Álvarez Fernández has a degree in Law from the University of Oviedo and a Doctorate in Law from the same University, with the qualification of sobresaliente cum laude by unanimity. She received the extraordinary prize of Doctorate in Public Law in 2003.

She has been a professor of Administrative Law at the University of Oviedo since 1999, teaching various subjects related to the Administrative Law Area in various Degrees and Masters.

She also collaborates as a teacher with other Universities and public institutions such as the Asturian Institute of Public Administration 'Adolfo Posada', the Centre of Studies of the Regional Public Administration of Cantabria, the University Institute of Industrial Technology of Asturias or the University of Granada. He also participates in various projects and research contracts at regional and state level and has carried out advisory work for various Public Administrations and their instrumental entities.

She has published many works, including a monograph published by the prestigious publisher Civitas, of the Thomson-Reuters group, several articles in the 'Revista de Administración Pública', 'Revista Española de Derecho Administrativo', 'Revista General de Derecho Administrativo', 'Revista Aranzadi de Derecho Ambiental' or 'Noticias de la Unión Europea' and several contributions in books or collective works.

She joined ONTIER in 2013, collaborating since then as a consultant in the Public Law Department of the firm, mainly in matters of administrative contracting, administrative law sanctioning, forced expropriations, liability of Public Administrations, public goods, administrative intervention in various sectors and in the territorial and urban scope.