Real Estate
Clients in this industry belong to different sectors of the economy and real estate assets play very different functions in the development of their business.

Thus, in some cases, the exploitation of immovable property is the main activity of the client, while in others property represents another element used for the development of industrial or commercial activities.

Advice to our clients is reflected in the negotiating and drafting of various types of contracts which act as vehicles for property to be acquired or disposed of - such as: purchases and loans / mortgage loans, dations in payment or exchanges-, or put into operation lease agreements (of business premises, offices, housing, hotel establishments, service stations and so on), sale & leaseback, provision of development rights or contracts for full management of real estate projects.

The Client demands security in relation to the conditions and legal situation of the acquired property (building, land or development), the type of legal transaction by which the property is obtained or by which the Client operates the property. As a result, we often participate in the design and execution of complex operations that entail a previous performance of acts of regularization of property or legal registering of the property such as horizontal divisions and formation of real estate complexes, segregations, associations, declarations of new construction,etc.

Case Studies