ONTIER’s roots lie in the Ramón Hermosilla practice founded by Ramón Hermosilla Martín in Madrid (Spain) in 1959 and Gutiérrez de la Roza Abogados’s practice, opened by Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza in Oviedo (Spain) in 1998.


These two firms merged in 2008 becoming ONTIER. Two years later, Adolfo Suárez Illana joined the team to spearhead the firm’s international expansion. By 2012, ONTIER had opened offices in 10 countries: China, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Portugal, the UK, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico and, naturally, Spain.


In 2013, having added Peru and the USA to its footprint, the firm had expanded to a dozen countries. That same year Pedro Rodero was named Managing Partner of the Spanish offices and Bernardo Gutiérrez took up the Chief Executive position.


In 2015, having entered the Chilean market, ONTIER was already present in 13 countries and thereby reinforced its status as the firm with the biggest presence in Latin America.


In 2016 ONTIER Oporto was opened and since 2017 ONTIER also has two offices in Italy, located in Rome and Milan. Today ONTIER is a global law firm with presence in 14 countries and 21 cities worldwide.