José María Cervello Prize

Our Firm has a solid social commitment based on our ethical principles, our understanding of the lawyer´s profession and of business as being much more than just a profitable organisation. 

Keen to fulfill this social obligation, we have developed a series of initiatives directed principally toward contributing altruistically to the study and research of legal matters, and to the training of legal professionals who have financial limitations.

One more year, ONTIER and the Chair José María Cervelló of IE Law School, launch the José María Cervelló Prize. The theme for the essays participating in this new edition is:"Freedom of expression in a global and interconnected world"

The deadline to present the essays is September 10th, 2020.

In this way we are able to serve one of the aims of the Chair José María Cervelló as well as the objective of the prize, being the promotion of research in current questions of legal nature and that are of interest to businesses.

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