ONTIER Supports the First Congress for the Youth Promoted by the What Really Matters Foundation in Asturias

The first ’What Really Matters’ Congress for the Youth took place in Asturias last November comprising three talks focused on bringing universal values to young people. The What Really Matters Foundation is a non-profit organisation aiming to bring universal human values like tolerance, self-improvement, respect and solidarity to young people. ONTIER has joined this initiative that has already brought impressive life stories to reflect on priorities in life to thousands of young people.

The event, which has already been held in over eleven cities around the world, gathering over 60,000 people, arrived this year to Asturias for the first time thanks to the 16 de 24 Foundation and the sponsorship of ONTIER.

The event had first level Spanish entrepreneurs as speakers, including Jaime Garrastazu, Co-Founder and CMO at Pompeii Brand (Spanish online sneakers shop) who also took part in ONTIER’s #wannachangemylife campaign; Miriam Fernández, Spanish swimming champion, actress and singer; and Paco Arango, President of the Aladina Foundation, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer.

The first talk was given by Spanish singer, actress and speaker Miriam Fernández, who shared her personal story on the journey of making your dreams come true when being diagnosed with a cerebral palsy that won’t allow you to walk. Her conclusion was that, although her childhood wasn’t easy, ’I never wished I had a different life, because that experience was the turning point that made me realise that I needed to change my reality. The point is not asking why things happen to you, but what for.’

Then it was time for Spanish Entrepreneur Jaime Garrastazu, Co-Founder and CMO at Pompeii, sneakers brand. He talked about the personal side of a decision he made three years ago, which led him to leave his job and found a company with his friends. Garrastazu was working at an audit firm when he decided to take the risk and create Pompeii, a Spanish sneakers online shop, together with his friends. The message Jaime wanted to spread in the congress was that ’the greatest risk relies in not making decisions and settling in life, because it’s impossible to grow that way. Making mistakes helps you grow. And making good decisions does too.’

Then after a coffee break the last conference started, taught by Paco Arango, President of the Aladina Foundation, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer. Arango, who also produced the official WRM movie, talked about his professional journey ever since he chose the path of solidarity and cooperation by creating the Aladina Foundation, aimed at improving the living standards of children with cancer, as well as providing their families with the support they need.

Over 2000 people attended the event to listen to the stories shared in this first WRM congress for the youth ever held in Asturias, which will probably be the first of many more to come in the region.