Business Alliance for Childhood Vaccination

At ONTIER, faithful to our social commitment, we have joined the solidarity project, "Childhood Vaccination", which brings La Caixa together with GAVI Alliance and the Alianza Empresarial.

Thanks to this, we fight against infant mortality in 72 countries around the world, providing, among other things, vaccination services and other sanitary services in a sustainable manner.

Running for Solidarity

 ONTIER RUNNERS was born as a charity project within the Office which also seeks to promote the sport, healthy living and the spirit of excellence among its members.

ONTIER RUNNERS is an open sports club. They can be part of it not only members of the firm but all of those who share our philosophy and values, such as closeness, effort, improvement, enthusiasm, competitiveness, challenges and the desire to always move forward.

ONTIER RUNNERS wants to collaborate and support solidarity and to overcome the most interesting projects and have found by practicing a healthy sport a space in which to share concerns and opportunities for collaboration.

Asturias Agreement XXI

For many years, ONTIER has collaborated with the Asociación Compromiso Asturias XXI, a civil society initiative, independent, non-profit and at the margins of political activity, that searches for the interest and progress for the Principality.

Asturias, home of our lawyers in Oviedo, is very present in this firm. For this, we want to selflessly contribute our experience and knowledge to the Principality, so that we may assist in achieving the highest levels of development and welfare.

Our lawyers participate in the courses, meetings and seminars that the association periodically organises. In this way we are able to demonstrate our experience to those organisations or entities who are interested in collaborating with the association.

By forming part of this association, we are able to help young Asturians in commencing their professional career, and even offering them work experience in our offices.

We do not only try to give financial sponsorship; we involve ourselves personally in this project which encourages us in creating a better Asturias.